UMKC Dining Services is a partnership between the University of Missouri - Kansas City and Sodexo, our contracted food service company. UMKC Dining Services exists to provide comprehensive dining services to the UMKC community.

Flex dollars are a declining balance that can be spent at all UMKC Dining Services locations. Flex dollars must be spent during the semester of purchase as any remaining balance will not roll over to the next semester and will not be refunded.

Yes, students living in Johnson Residence Hall or Oak Street Residence Halls are required to purchase one of the five residential meal plans.

The UMKC Dining Hall offers 19 meals per week: three meals/day Mon. - Fri. and two meals/day on the weekends.

You cannot increase your number of meals per week by purchasing more meals but you can use your flex dollars to purchase a meal at a "gate" price. Meals that are not used are lost on a weekly basis and will not roll over to the next week.

The weekly period begins on Monday and ends on Sunday.

No. Only flex dollars, cash, and credit cards can be used at retail locations.

Flex dollars can be added to meal plans at any time. Flex dollars can be purchased at the OneCard Office, located across the hall from the Information Desk on the second floor of the Student Success Center. Unspent flex dollars do not roll over to the next semester and will not be refunded.

Prior to the start of the semester and semester breaks are the only periods in which resident meal plans can be changed. Meal Plans can be changed at the Residential Life Office.

If a student leaves UMKC, they will be refunded the remaining balance of their plan at a prorated amount, based on the remaining days in the semester.

No. Students will have the opportunity to purchase a Declining Balance Meal Plan option during the summer semester.

You may use your meals to pay for guests  ONLY on the 360 and 320 Meal Plans. All other plans must use flex dollars to pay for guests.

Cashiers at any UMKC Dining Services venues can provide that information or you are welcome to visit the UMKC Dining Services Office, located on the first floor of the Student Success Center at the west end of the Dining Room.

Yes, vegetarian/vegan options are always available. Daily vegetarian/vegan items can be found on the menu and at the UMKC Dining Hall.

You will find Local item identifiers through out the Dining Hall. We also post maps of our local growers and vendors that we utilize through out the year. Nutritional and allergen information about food being served can be found on the Weekly On-Line Menu (on this web site) or in the dining area in informational binders near the entrance. Please ask a Dining Services staff member for assistance if you cannot find a particular menu item or if you need more detailed information.

Fill out a feedback form, call the office at (816) 235-1417, visit the office on the first floor of the Student Success Center or email the General Manager.